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Whatever motivates you being in the market, whatever your trading style and time frame, this unique resource, unlike anything else available to private traders and investors on the Internet, will help train, educate and guide you towards a more profitable and rewarding financial future. No more guessing the next trend, no more getting out of profitable trades too early, no more gut-wrenching losses. You thought the market was a random walk - think again! currently covers six major currency pairs, the USD Index, Gold, the FTSE100 and Dow30. The report generates buy and sell signals, the anticipated trading range for the day with clearly defined highs and lows, the expected trend and our unique sentiment measurement that signals impending market turns. It's a Day-Traders dream!

Our Key Turning Point Analysis, delivered each weekend with mid-week updates as required, offers a unique insight into the bigger market moves. It identifys trends that last 2-3 days, 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months. What style of Swing-Trader do you wish to become? 


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The movement of price, as observed in all freely traded markets is a function of both time and price; the two factors are inextricably linked. Of course, it is also about supply and demand, macro-economic events, geo-politics, central bank intervention and the full spectrum of human emotion, but it is time and price when measured together that provide us with the route map to successfully understand and trade these markets.

Here at Traders Daily we combine time cycle analysis across four different time frames to map out the direction of the market and determine when it is likely to arrive at the next time cycle turn. This we call 'Key Turning Point Analysis'. Whatever your time horizon, once you understand the importance of time and price you will not want to trade without 'Key Turning Point Analysis'.

We then use Elliott Wave analysis and Fibonacci retracement and projection targets to gain an understanding of how the markets will unfold as they travel from one turn to the next.

Put it all together and 'Key Turning Point Analysis' tells us WHEN, Elliott Wave Analysis and Fibonacci tells us WHERE and an understanding of the underlying sentiment tells us WHY. 

Day Trader

Study our forecasts and predictions at your leisure before the markets open each morning. Judge for yourself the merit of our BUY and SELL signals highlighting multiple trading opportunities to ensure that you never miss out on the next move in the market. Daily Elliott Wave analysis covering the FTE100 and other highlighted markets

Looking to take 40-60 points out of the FTSE100 index on a 3/1 or better risk-reward ratio? Our TRADING OPPORTUNITY alerts, which are issued before the market opens give you just that opportunity!


Swing Trader

If your trading style is to seek out long and short opportunities that lead to bigger moves in the market, do not miss our Key Turning Point (KTP) analysis. Each Sunday we deliver a detailed report in three time frames; short term (typically 3 - 10 days), medium term (typically 1 - 4 weeks) and long term (typically 1 - 4 months).

We identify the important turns in the market as they are happening and with the help of Elliott Wave analysis and Fibonacci projections we guide you through the likely magnitude of the next big move. Throughout the week we will deliver market updates as necessary to ensure you are never left in the dark. 

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 Corporate Clients

We offer a detailed analysis service covering all finacial markets, to include Time Cycle Analysis, Elliott Wave Counts and Fibonacci price projections. If you want to know where a market is going over the next week, month or year contact us for a quote.

Trading Range and Trend Forecasting

The Daily Numbers

Each day before the markets open we publish BUY and SELL signals, the predicted trading range for the day and our unique Sentiment Reading covering ten major markets. For each market we use two completely independent methodologies to derive the forecast range and the Buy/Sell signals for the coming day. Sometimes they are at odds with each other, but generally one or other has deduced correctly. On other occasions both are in broad agreement and this provides us with another very powerful tool in our quest to map the markets' daily journey. Our unique Sentiment Reading for each market provides clear continuation signals. It will also alert you to extremes in sentiment that will always within a day or two signal a trend reversal. Taken all together they provide an invaluable insight into the day's price action before the markets have even opened.

Key Turning Point Analysis (KTPA)

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Time Cycle Analysis

Our time cycle analysis is based on the original works of Welles Wilder in his book the 'Delta Phenomenon' or the 'Hidden Order of all Markets', which was first published in the early 1990s. That work masterful as it was, contained numerous errors and contradictions, not least the number of turns in some of the time periods studied. It is not surprising. He did not have the benefit of modern computers nor the huge array of historical data that is readily available to all market participants today. We began our study of time cycles back in 2001 and have since back-tested numerous markets, not least the FTSE100, which we have mapped in complete detail back to its inception in 1984. That's thirty-three years of data, one hundred and three short term cycles, thirty-four medium term cycles and we are currently in the ninth long term cycle. Each cycle can be identified, labelled and future price movement anticipated in all market conditions. This allows for the development of hugely successful trading strategies covering multiple time frames.

Elliott Wave Analysis

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Elliott Wave Analysis

The Elliott Wave Principle is named after Ralph Nelson Elliott an American accountant and author. Inspired by the Dow Theory and by observations found throughout nature, Elliott concluded that the movement of the stock market could be predicted by observing and identifying a repetitive pattern of waves. Elliott discovered the fractal nature of market action and first published his theory in a book 'The Wave Principle' in 1938.

Combining Elliott Wave counts with Fibonacci retracements and projections provides a powerful analytical tool that can deliver incredibly accurate forecasts as to future price movement in multiple time frames.

We bring it all together, part art and part science to deliver the answer to the question 'When, Where and Why'?